Take the Biscuit


The Biscuits

All of our biscuits in the tin are shaped and stamped to match the scene on the lid. So have a look at the picture - can you guess what's in the tin?

All of our biscuits are handmade with great care and attention. The recipe has been tested and perfected time and time again and we are delighted to say it pleases even the most pernickety of people.

They really are wonderful.

Each tin contains 24 of these delicious little beasts. In theory that's enough for all your family, but they are extremely moreish, so please be warned. There are six different designs and we've done our best to make them all similar in size so as to avoid arguments about who has picked the biggest.

This does mean that the animals and objects might not be in scale. Please allow for artistic licence.

So please, Take the Biscuit.

In the end though, there's only so much we can say on a website as you can't yet lick the screen to get a taste.

But we can definitely help... you can buy some right now in our shop!

The Joys of Spring:

  • 4 x Snail
  • 4 x Butterfly
  • 4 x Flower
  • 4 x Bird
  • 4 x Snake
  • 4 x Boot

Beside the Seaside:

  • 4 x Beach Ball
  • 4 x Sandcastle
  • 4 x Starfish
  • 4 x Conch
  • 4 x Boat
  • 4 x Crab

The Night Before Christmas:

  • 4 x Wreath
  • 4 x Present
  • 4 x Angel
  • 4 x Fire
  • 4 x Stocking
  • 4 x Christmas Tree

The Farmyard Tin:

  • 4 x Sheep
  • 4 x Pig
  • 4 x Cow
  • 4 x Horse
  • 4 x Chicken
  • 4 x Tractor

The Winter Scene:

  • 4 x Snowman
  • 4 x Owl
  • 4 x Rabbit
  • 4 x Doe and Fawn
  • 4 x Tree
  • 4 x Donkey


Wheat flour, corn flour, butter, sugar, salt, and that's it.

Please note that these biscuits are not Gluten Free and although there are no nuts used in the biscuits themselves, they are made in a kitchen where nuts are present and so, despite stringent hygiene measures, we cannot guarantee that they are nut free.

Our biscuits have a Best Before of 3 months from the date they are made. We try to make them all fresh to order so they will last as long as possible. But really we don't expect anyone to be able to resist them for that long! (If you do have remarkable will power then don't worry, it's a best before date and we believe they last for far longer than that).

The good news is that there are no preservatives!