Take the Biscuit


It all started when...

Rachel went shopping for a gift.

She was looking for either a special box of biscuits or a beautiful tin to fill with her own baking, and unfortunately she found neither. Either the tins were uninteresting or the biscuits were uninspirational and being fussy, Rachel wanted both to be appealing. Being a trained chef and an avid home baker, she also knew the value of a useful tin and how they could be collected and used for years.

At about the same time, Rachel's mother was busy making teddy bear shaped biscuits for her niece, carefully packaging them up and sending them off to her family in London. Inspired by the little girl's new found love for fun-shaped shortbread and her own search for a useful box, Rachel had an idea..

The Brief:

A beautiful, fun, reusable box filled with delicious biscuits that match the design of the tin. What's on the box should be in the box!

The Designs:

Having worked out their initial ideas, Tobias turned his attention to designing the biscuit cutters and they soon took on characters of their own. All of the biscuit designs are unique to us and no two biscuits are the same.

There are lots more designs in the pipeline which we hope to bring out over time. Watch this space!

The Biscuits:

Rachel developed her shortbread recipe, practising, perfecting and feeding everyone around her. (It is testament to the deliciousness of the biscuits that even the most long-suffering of tasters still demand a regular supply!)

The result is a beautiful, buttery, melt in the mouth shortbread. All the biscuits are hand made with care, with only the purest of ingredients and no artificial additions.

Please be warned: they are extremely moreish!

The tins are all Limited Edition and won't be remade. We suggest you get them whilst you can!

That said, the tins will last forever. What will you use yours for?