Take the Biscuit


Handmade shortbread shapes in
themed, limited edition tins.

This is no ordinary box of biscuits...

Welcome to Take the Biscuit

At Take the Biscuit we believe that there is no occasion or circumstance for which a biscuit is not appropriate. We also believe that biscuits, and biscuit tins, shouldn’t be boring. And so we’re revolutionising the world of biscuits, one cheeky character and one fabulous tin at a time.

All our designs are limited editions and will not be re-run. Other designs will be released in due course.

Get yours while you can!

Our Limited Edition Illustrated tins are filled with luxury shortbread biscuits, all uniquely shaped to match the theme of the tin.

Pick your favourite animal or object on the tin and find them inside! Each scene is filled with fun and quirky details.

What can you see?

Fun, Unusual and Delicious, they are the perfect gift or treat.

With designs for all seasons, they appeal to all ages and are ideal for any occasion.

Explore this website to learn more about the Take the Biscuit story or buy a tin now!

Did you know:

The first ever box to be produced was given to Tobias’ grandmother. She sent word the next day to say "I’ve eaten a Christmas tree for breakfast. I just couldn’t resist it."